Where to Stay

Since we have a relatively small guest list, many of whom are east-coast residents, we found that it didn’t really make sense for us to block out rooms at any one hotel—especially considering that some people may want to stay close to the venue and some in the city.  That said, here are our thoughts on where to stay.  Check out sites like Orbitz and Priceline for deals.

New York City
New York is a large city with a ton of hotels at many price points.  Staying at a decent hotel in the city will generally cost more per night than staying closer to the venue in Westchester, but if you’re taking this opportunity to do some sightseeing you’ll probably want to be closer to the heart of things.  Both Times Square and Midtown are reliable locations in which to look for hotels.

  • Times Square will put you right in the thick of it—Broadway theaters, restaurants, big lights.  There’s a lot to see here and you have access to numerous subway lines.
  • Midtown tends to be clean and polished.  You’ll be near Rockefeller Center, the high end 5th Ave shops, and anywhere from 5-15 blocks from Central Park.  Hotels can get pricey here, but I’ve heard of people getting some really amazing deals through Priceline.

In general use care and do your research (TripAdvisor is a good site for honest reviews), particularly when seeking out hotels in other neighborhoods.  Those right on Union Square Park are nice (though pricey) and it’s a great location.  With some diligent shopping you could probably find an interesting place in Chelsea or the Village, two other great locales.  If you want to play it safe, though, and avoid a gamble stick to the areas that cater to tourists/businessmen.

We will be providing shuttle transportation to and from the venue for non-driving guests staying in Manhattan.  The pickup/drop off location is planned to be Bryant Park (please watch this site for updates).

The DoubleTree in Tarrytown is our recommendation for guests who aren’t planning on doing much sightseeing and would like to be closer to the venue.  This will also be the Westchester pick up site for non-driving guests requiring transportation to and from the venue.  Please feel free, however, to look into other hotels in the area.