Getting Around

ES-54-IMG_2430The Wedding
We will be offering shuttle transportation to and from the venue for non-driving guests staying in Manhattan as well as in the Westchester area.  The pick up and drop off locations are as follows:

Manhattan/Bryant Park
Departing at 4pm
(shuttle will arrive at 3:45 for boarding)
Pick up will be on the west side of the park, or more specifically on
6th Ave between 41st & 42nd Street.  Look for the sign that says
“Hodges/LoSacco Wedding Shuttle”

DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown
Departing at 5pm
(shuttle will arrive at 4:45 for boarding)

The return shuttle will begin boarding at the venue around 10:15pm, leaving to bring guests back to the DoubleTree and Manhattan at 10:30.

If you did not indicate on your RSVP that you require transportation and have decided that you will, please let us know ASAP.  If you have or are renting a car, please feel free to drive; valet parking will be provided.

New York City
If you’re staying in NYC and making a vacation of things, you’re in luck—getting around is a breeze!  This city is big, but the whole of it is walkable and the majority is laid out in a totally simple grid system (with the exception of only a couple neighborhoods).  If you remember that the Streets run east to west and that their numbers increase as you’re going north, and that Avenues run north to south and their numbers increase going west, you’re 90% of the way there.  The rest you can figure out by carrying around a pocket map.  Do this and you’ll be able to orient yourself no matter where you are.

The Subway
The subway is the fastest, most convenient and economical way to get around this city.  Do not be afraid of the subway.  This is the means of transportation used daily by every city resident (with the exception of those few who can afford a chauffeur).  It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but there are tons of signs to help you get around.  Just consult a subway map, remember that Queens and Bronx-bound mean north and Brooklyn-bound means south, and you’ll be fine.  If you want detailed directions on how to get from here to there, HopStop works well and Google Maps has a public transit option (the button between the car and the walking guy that looks like a train).  Also, New Yorkers aren’t the scary, stand-offish types that we’re made out to be.  You can always ask someone if you’re unsure!

Taxi Cabs
Cabs can be found pretty much everywhere and accept both cash and credit cards (reduce your driver’s tip if they complain about you paying by credit card—it’s just not cool).  It can get expensive if you use them frequently, but if you’re toting luggage, shopping bags, or have a distance to go in heels, they’re your best friend.  If you get carsick easily and plan on cabbing it, pop a Dramamine—these guys are not delicate drivers.  Here’s a quick guide on cab availability for you so that 1) you don’t get totally frustrated trying to hail half a million unavailable cabs and 2) don’t have to endure the eye-rolls of passing New Yorkers.  Look to the top of the cab and observe the following:

Limo Service
Limo/black car service is available throughout the city.  This is useful in case you need a car at a specific time and don’t want to have to wait for an available cab to pass by (particularly handy for getting to the airport on time).  They will almost always be more expensive, but you’re paying for convenience.  There are many companies that offer limo service, but for easy online booking and reasonable rates we like Carmel Car and Limousine Service.

The Bus
The bus is an option, so we’re going to mention it.  I think, between the two of us, we’ve maybe taken the bus a dozen times in all of our years in this city.  This being the case we don’t really have any good advice on bus-riding, but we invite you to take it on if you’re feeling adventurous!

A Car
Cars in Manhattan honestly don’t make a lot of sense.  Driving can be daunting, and parking is expensive and can be difficult to find.  Public transportation is really your best bet if you’re staying in the city.

Westchester (Tarrytown/Pocantico Hills area)
If you’re going to be staying in the Westchester area for any amount of time and plan to leave the hotel and venture out, renting a car is a great option.  Car rentals are available when you arrive at any of the airports in the area.  This will allow you mobility around Westchester, and you can also make day trips down to Manhattan.

If you’d prefer not to rent a car, there is a train station located about a mile and a half (roughly a 20-30 minute walk) from the Tarrytown DoubleTree that you could use to travel into the city.  Local cabs are available that can bring you to the train station (or to and from the venue, if you’re opting out of the shuttle or not staying at the DoubleTree), but you must call to get one.  You can try Tarrytown Taxi & Limo or check with your hotel’s concierge.